Welcome to Blue Hill Cemetery

Memorial Day Weekend


    Established 1892

    An Estate of Natural Beauty

    In the year 1892, Blue Hill Cemetery was organized by a small group of public-spirited citizens for the purpose of serving the immediate needs of the local community. Since then it has experienced a remarkable growth due in large measure to the thoughtful planning and foresight of its founders.
    It has been the goal to establish a final resting place in a surrounding of tranquility and natural beauty, away from the noise of the busy city and unlike the weed-grown and overcrowded cemeteries so often found in every neighborhood. Famous for its rockery, decorated annually for the Holiday season, and located so conveniently in the heart of the picturesque Blue Hills, just a few miles south of historic Boston, Blue Hill Cemetery has become a familiar landmark to thousands of tourists not only during the
    Christmas season and Memorial Day
    but throughout the entire year.

    Devoted to the cause of perpetuating
    sacred memories, Blue Hill Cemetery today enjoys the
    distinction of being numbered among the finest cemeteries in the country.

  • Spring and Summer

    On Monday, June 4th

    The Cemetery will begin picking up all potted plants and floral arrangements in order to continue with proper care and maintenance of the grounds

    Summer Gardens

    Because of its convenience and annual success, we will again offer our beautiful Summer Gardens. All gardens are planted by Memorial Day and the young flowers will grow throughout the summer months. Gardens may consist of Impatiens, Geraniums, and New Guinea Impatiens, depending on location and plant requirements. Garden size must equal the base of the monument. The cost is $48 per foot. There is an additional $5 fee for all new gardens planted the first year to prepare the soil. The cost will include initial planting, weekly watering, weeding, fertilizing and replacing flowers when necessary as well as the removal and cleaning of the garden in the fall. Deadline to Order is May 1, 2018 If you would like to place an order please contact the office at 781-843-9000