Rules and Regulations


These rules and regulations are designed for the protection of owners of interment rights as a group. They are intended, not as restraining, but rather as preventing the inconsiderate from taking unfair advantage of others. Their enforcement will help protect the Cemetery and create and preserve its beauty. These rules and regulations are hereby adopted as the rules and regulations of Blue Hill Cemetery and all owners of interment rights, visitors and contractors performing work with the Cemetery shall be subject to said rules and regulations, amendments or alterations as shall be adopted by Blue Hill Cemetery from time to time.


  1. The term “Cemetery” as used in these rules and regulations is hereby defined to mean Blue Hill Cemetery.
  2. The term “Owner” shall mean the owner of rights of interment. “Ownership” means persons purchasing any lot or lots in the Cemetery acquire title to interment rights and such lot or lots shall be used for no other purpose than the burial of the human dead.
  3. The term “Interment” shall mean cremation and inurnment, entombment or burial of the remains of a deceased person.
  4. The term “Memorial” shall mean any marker or structure upon or in any lot, crypt or niche, placed thereupon or therein or partially therein for the purpose of identification or in memory of the interred.
  5. The term “Contractor” as used in these rules and regulations shall mean any person, firm, corporation or anyone engaged in placing, erecting or repairing any memorial or performing any work in the cemetery grounds, other than an employee of the Cemetery.


  1. Blue Hill Cemetery is a private corporation and reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone not an owner and to refuse the use of any of the Cemetery facilities at any time to any person or persons whom the management may deem objectionable to the best interests of the Cemetery.
  2. All funerals, on reaching the Cemetery, shall be under the charge of the Superintendent or his assistants.
  3. Once a casket containing a body is within the confines of the Cemetery, no Funeral Director, or his embalmer, assistant, employee or agent, shall be permitted to open the casket or to touch the body without the consent of the legal representatives of the deceased or without a court order.
  4. The Cemetery reserves the right to compel all persons coming into the Cemetery to obey all rules and regulations adopted by the Cemetery. The rules and regulations may be changed without notice by the Directors of the Cemetery. The Cemetery shall take reasonable precaution to protect Owners and the property rights of Owners, within the Cemetery from loss or damage.
  5. The Cemetery shall have the right to maintain guards if in its discretion it deems it necessary but is under no legal obligation to do so. Whether or not guards are used the Cemetery distinctly disclaims all responsibility for loss or damage from causes beyond its reasonable control and especially from damage caused by the elements, an Act of God, common enemy, thieves, vandals, strikers, malicious mischief makers, explosions, unavoidable accidents, invasions, insurrections, riots or order of any military or civil authority, whether the damage be direct or collateral.
  6. The Cemetery reserves and shall have the right to correct any errors that may be made by it either in making interments, dis-interments, removals or in the inscriptions, transfer or conveyance and substituting and conveying in lieu thereof other interment rights of equal value and similar location as far as possible, or as may be selected by the Cemetery or, in the sole discretion of the Cemetery, by refunding the amount of money paid on account of said purchase. In the event such error shall involve the interment of the remains of any person in such property, the Cemetery reserves and shall have the right to remove and transfer such remains so interred to such other property of equal value and similar location as may be substituted and conveyed in lieu thereof. The Cemetery shall also have the right to correct any errors made by placing an improper description, including an incorrect name or date either on a memorial or on the container for cremated remains.
  7. The Cemetery reserves and shall have the right to enlarge, reduce change the boundaries or grading of the Cemetery or of a section or sections, from time to time, including the right to modify or change the locations of/or any part thereof or remove or re-grade, roads, drives and walks is hereby expressly reserved. The right to lay, maintain and operate or alter or change pipe lines or gutters for sprinkling systems, drainage, lakes, etc., is also expressly reserved, as well as is the right to use Cemetery property not sold to individual owners, for Cemetery purposes, including the interring and preparing for interment of dead human bodies, or for anything necessary, incidental or convenient thereto. The Cemetery reserves to itself and to those lawfully entitled thereto, a perpetual right of ingress and egress over lots for the purpose of passage to and from other lots.
  8. All openings and closings of lots and all interments, dis-interments and removals shall be made by the Cemetery.
  9. The general care of the entire cemetery grounds and lots is assumed by the Cemetery. This however does not provide for any ‘special care’. Estimates for any special work will be made by the Directors upon receipt of application and charges for the work must be paid in advance.
  10. The Directors shall direct generally all improvements within the grounds and upon all lots and graves, before as well as after interments have been made therein. They shall have charge of the planting, sodding, surveying and improvements generally.


Blue Hill Cemetery reserves the right at any time and without notice to Lot Owners to adopt, amend and/or alter any of its Rules and Regulations.

A. Lot Owner

A Lot Owner is any person who has purchased a lot, above ground crypt, niche or private mausoleum. Following the death of the Lot Owner, notification naming the heir or heirs must be filed with Blue Hill Cemetery immediately. This notification will provide Blue Hill Cemetery with the information of the rights to future use of the remaining space/s. This information must be on file before any additional interments, entombments or inurnments are allowed or any work done on the Lot. In the above cases, as well as in other matters of administration, Blue Hill Cemetery will rely on the updated affirmation of anyone that in its judgment is, or should be, familiar with the necessary facts. Any notice sent by Blue Hill Cemetery to a Lot Owner at their last known address on file will be considered sufficient and proper legal notification.

The purchase price of a lot, above ground crypt, niche or private mausoleum must be paid in full before an interment, entombment or inurnment can be made and before a memorial can be placed on the lot, above ground crypt, niche or private mausoleum. Interment Rights within the Cemetery shall be used for no purpose other than for the interment, entombment or inurnment of human remains. A Deed shall be issued to each Owner upon payment in full.

B. Sale and Purchase of Interment Rights / Transfer of Property

The sale or transfer of any interment right by any owner or purchaser, shall not be binding upon the Cemetery unless first approved in writing by the properly authorized officer of the Cemetery and then such interment right must be re-conveyed to the Cemetery; the Cemetery shall issue a Warranty Conveyance to the new Owner. The same rule shall apply in all cases of assignment of purchase contract for interment right. This procedure is required in order that the Cemetery may at all times have a complete and accurate record of all owners and purchasers.

Any and all transfers of any interment right, whether same be by conveyance or assignment of purchase contract, are subject to all rules and regulations of Blue Hill Cemetery, which are now in full force and effect or which may be hereafter enacted. The Cemetery may refuse to consent to a transfer or to an assignment as long as there is any indebtedness due to the Cemetery at the Cemetery Office. All transfers of ownership shall be subject to a charge of not less than $150 (price subject to change) which charge must be paid to the cemetery when the transfer is recorded.

The subdivision of interment rights is not allowed without the consent of the Cemetery and no one shall be buried in any lot not having an interest therein, except by written consent of all parties interested in such lot and of the Cemetery.

Information on selling or transferring ownership of any lot, above ground crypt, niche or private mausoleum may be obtained from the Blue Hill Cemetery Office. Lot Owners must pay any and all outstanding balances to Blue Hill Cemetery before transfer of title will be allowed, as provided by Law.

All Transfers of Ownership shall be subject to the approval of Blue Hill Cemetery and a transfer fee will apply and are subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Cemetery. Subdivision of Interment Rights is not allowed without written consent of the Cemetery. Partial transfer of Interment Rights is not permitted.

C. Improvements

All grading, landscape work and improvements of any kind and all care of Lots shall be made by the Cemetery.

Improvements, Alterations and Changes. Improvements, Alterations and Changes are subject to Blue Hill Cemetery’s approval. Any Lot Owner wishing to do work must first obtain written permission from the office. Written Authorization must be kept at the work location and shown upon request.

Contractors. Any outside contractor who violates these regulations, or whose work is in the opinion of Blue Hill Cemetery, unsatisfactory, may be excluded from our grounds, after due notice to the Lot Owner or Contractor.

Acceptable Standards. If any work is done which is not satisfactory or becomes unsightly or unacceptable. Blue Hill Cemetery shall have the right, after written notice to the Lot Owner to make such changes or alterations, at the Lot Owner’s expense, as in Blue Hill Cemetery’s judgment may be necessary.

Blue Hill Cemetery Services. All work, services and materials ordered from Blue Hill Cemetery by Lot Owners will be charged at current rates. A copy of our current rates and charges may be obtained at the office located at 700 West Street, Braintree, MA 02184.

Lot Owner’s Insurance. Blue Hill Cemetery takes all reasonable precautions to protect its Lot Owners and their property from loss, damage or injury, but shall not be responsible for loss, damage or injury. Blue Hill Cemetery suggests any valuable monument, artwork or other item affixed to a lot, above ground crypt, niche or private mausoleum, be covered under the Lot Owner’s Homeowner’s Property Insurance Policy.

Safeguarding Property and Visitors. Any improvements on a lot, above ground crypt, niche or private mausoleum must be performed with care. Any damage or injury done to adjacent lots, i.e., sod plantings or memorial work must be repaired promptly and to the satisfaction of Blue Hill Cemetery and at the expense of the Lot Owner. Heavy equipment is not allowed on cemetery property without cemetery approval.

D. Use of Grounds and General Safety

For the safety of all lot owners and visitors please only use roads, walks, walk spaces. Blue Hill Cemetery will not be responsible for injuries incurred by any person while on the property who has failed to fully comply with these Rules and Regulations. Blue Hill Cemetery excludes and deems to be in violation of these Rules and Regulations, the following

  • All persons are reminded that the grounds are sacred and devoted to the burial of the dead and that the penalty of the law as provided by statute will be strictly enforced in all cases
  • No person shall be permitted in the Cemetery on a bicycle
  • All persons are strictly forbidden and will be held liable for any breakage or damage caused to: trees, shrubs, landmarks, memorials or in any way defacing the grounds of the Cemetery
  • Using Blue Hill Cemetery as a thoroughfare or conducting driving instruction
  • Automobiles or other vehicles driven at more than 10 miles per hour
  • Parking on the grass at any time
  • Sledding, cross country skiing, snowmobiling or other similar activity
  • Jogging
  • Children under eighteen years of age not accompanied by an adult
  • Seeing Eye Dogs without a leash. Owners are required to remove any dog waste
  • Alcoholic beverages, unless approved by Blue Hill Cemetery Illegal substances, banned by local, state or federal laws
  • No person, other than law enforcement or cemetery security, shall be permitted to carry firearms within the Cemetery. The cemetery will permit a military guard or honor to use firearms during a military service
  • All persons are forbidden to hunt fowl or other animals or disturb the fish In the Cemetery

To ensure the safety of all visitors, please be sure to drive safely, lock your car when visiting and please report any suspicious or dangerous activities to Blue Hill Cemetery. No personal shall be permitted to enter or leave the Cemetery except by the public entrance(s).

Any person entering the Cemetery other than during the hours of operation without authorization will be considered to be trespassing on Cemetery property. The Cemetery is not responsible for theft or damage to anything placed on grave lots.

  1. Media of any type
    A Permit must first be obtained from the Office for all Pictures, Videos, DVDs, etc., and must accompany the individual/individuals at all times and produced upon request by Blue Hill Cemetery.
  2. Soliciting
    Soliciting business is not permitted. Any person making a solicitation request will be prohibited by Blue Hill Cemetery.
  3. Signs
    Signs of any type are not permitted.
  4. Vandalism
    Appropriate legal action will be sought against anyone damaging, disfiguring, disturbing, removing, destroying a monument, marker, crypt front, plants, trees, etc. and the person or persons will be prohibited from entering the Blue Hill Cemetery property.
  5. Flowers, Trees, Shrubs, Plants
    All Floral decorations shall be subject to the Cemetery’s written policies posted under floral guidelines in the cemetery office and on its website. The Cemetery reserves the right to remove all flowers, trees, shrubs, plants of any kind, including containers, stands used for display at its sole judgment (and all other decorations) when they become unsightly or detrimental to adjacent lots or avenues or do not conform to Cemetery policies. All overgrown and unsightly shrubs will be removed by the Cemetery at its discretion at the Lot Owner’s expense.

    No trees or shrubs may be planted by anyone other than Cemetery personnel without written permission from the Cemetery.
    It is the Lot Owner’s responsibility to obtain the Cemetery’s written floral guidelines.
    No person shall pluck or remove any plant or flower, either wild or cultivated, from any part of the Cemetery.


A. Interment Rights

Interment rights can be purchased in this Cemetery only with the written approval of the Directors and are subject to the rules and regulations of said Cemetery now and hereafter adopted for the governing of this Cemetery and for the purpose of interment only. This provision applies to all sales whether made directly by the Cemetery or sales made by Owners.

No Interment Rights or contracts for the purchase of interment rights can be sold, assigned,

transferred, pledged or hypothecated without the written approval of the Directors of the Cemetery.

All agreements for the purchase of Cemetery interment rights must be on the form approved by the Directors and signed by the President of the Cemetery. All terms and conditions for the purchase of interments rights must be recited in the purchase contract; verbal agreements and representations will not be recognized.

The Cemetery may exchange interment rights when desired by Owners, but not for interment rights of lesser value. When such an exchange is made, the original conveyance must be surrendered by proper assignment, or by re-conveyance, if considered necessary, before any change is affected.

Each Owner is vested with the ownership of his or her interment right for the sole purpose of interment of human dead bodies. Under the regulations of the Cemetery the interment rights cannot be conveyed without the consent of the Directors, nor any use, division or improvements of them be made which the Directors prohibit, or may deem improper. The Owner of interment rights may dispose of same by will, subject to the foregoing conditions. If the Owner dies intestate the interment rights will descend to his or her heirs according to the laws of descent.

No conditional or partial transfer of interment rights and no sale of an undivided interest, except to a person or persons who are already part-owners, will be recorded, as the Cemetery cannot be responsible for the carrying out of the intent of the Grantor. No burial shall be made on any lot until the purchaser shall have paid in full for interment rights therein the amount required by the original sales contract signed by the purchaser.

B. Interments

Cemetery service charges and fees for interment or interment rights must be paid in full before an Interment is allowed in a particular Lot.

Prior to permitting an interment, the Cemetery will require written authorization executed by the Lot Owner(s), Next of Kin of the deceased or their authorized representatives. The Cemetery will not be held liable for actions taken at the direction of the one providing authorization in the event it is later determined that such person was not authorized. The Cemetery relies upon the identification of the deceased provided by the next of kin or authorized representative and shall have no obligation to establish or verify the identity of the remains to be interred.

Blue Hill Cemetery will perform all interments, entombments, inurnments, disinterment, removals or any changes impacting interments.

Blue Hill Cemetery is not liable for mistakes due to misunderstanding either oral or by written instructions. Blue Hill Cemetery reserves the right to correct all errors of interments, conveyances, and charges. Blue Hill Cemetery is not liable to the interment permit or for the identity of the person to be interred.

The Cemetery reserves and shall have the right to correct any errors which may occur in performing interments, sales of lots or related goods and services, transfers or conveyances of interment rights. In the event an error may occur, the Cemetery shall have the right to substitute and convey in lieu thereof other interment rights of comparable value and similar location (to the extent possible) as may be selected by the cemetery. The Cemetery, at its sole discretion may refund the amount of money paid, merchandise and/or services to which the error relates. In the event such error shall involve the interment of the remains of any person in an incorrect location, the cemetery reserves the right to remove and transfer such remains so interred to the correct location or to a similar location of comparable value, as may be selected by the cemetery. The cemetery and lot owner agree and acknowledge that the cemetery shall have no liability as a result of any such errors of the type described in this paragraph other than its obligation to take the remedial actions described.

I. Scheduling
  1. Blue Hill Cemetery requires 24 hours notification for all interment orders and 48 hours in Winter Months. Every effort will be made to have the interment service prepared as requested, however, if due to unforeseen natural causes, we may find it necessary to delay the interment if conditions are unsafe. No Interments: Sundays, January 1st, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  2. Interments will be scheduled between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday. There will be an additional charge for interments scheduled between 3 and 4:30. There will be an additional charge for all Saturday interments until 12:00 pm and an additional charge every half hour thereafter.
  3. Additional Charges will apply to: Late Funerals (3 to 4:30), Holidays, Lowering, Removal.
II. Requirements
  1. No Interment Service will be allowed without prior payment in full of all current and outstanding charges.
  2. Before an interment can be made, all pertinent information, including written authorization signed by the Lot Owner or responsible party, must be provided. This form may be signed in advance and faxed to Blue Hill Cemetery at 781-849-3316.
  3. When an interment is ordered, the relationship of the deceased to the owner must be established by proof satisfactory to Blue Hill Cemetery. If the sufficient evidence cannot be produced, an affirmation must be executed, via the Office, relieving Blue Hill Cemetery of any liability, for allowing the interment.
  4. According to Massachusetts State Law, all in ground burials must be contained in a concrete vault. steel vault or a grave liner. All above ground burials must be contained in a sealed casket.
  5. The Scattering of Cremated Remains is strictly prohibited, until such time as a Cremation Garden has been created and designated for the purpose of scattering of remains.
C. Dis-interments and Removals

Removal, by the heirs of a body or cremated remains so that the lot may be sold for profit to themselves or removal contrary to the expressed or implied wish of the original lot owners, is repugnant to the ordinary sense of decency and is absolutely forbidden. A body, or cremated remains, may be removed from its original lot to a larger or better lot in the Cemetery when there has been an exchange or purchase for that purpose. The charges for the cemetery services must be paid at the time of the issuance of the order of dis-interment and removal

Disinterment/Removal may only be made upon written request to Blue Hill Cemetery with the consent of all legal Lot Owners. The services of a licensed Funeral Director will be required if the remains are to be transferred from Blue Hill Cemetery to another location. Blue Hill Cemetery assumes no liability for any damage that may be incurred to a casket, vault, liner or urn while making the removal.

D. Funeral Regulations

Funerals, after entering the gates shall be subject to the direction of the Superintendent or his authorized representatives. Notice of 24 working hours before the announced time of the funeral will be required. Sunday funerals will not be permitted. Exceptions to this rule will be made only in cases of death from a contagious disease or when so ordered by the Board of Health or other appropriate authority.

Graves will be located by the Superintendent or his authorized representatives.

When a removal is to be made from a single grave to another grave, the formerly occupied single grave space and all rights therein revert to the Cemetery. If no steel or concrete vault has been used for this interment, one must be furnished. If there is a steel or concrete vault and same is in a removable condition, charge for removal of vault must be paid in advance to the supplier of the vault. Arrangements for the vault removal must be made by someone other than the Cemetery. The Cemetery removal service charge for the body shall be payable in advance. Application for removal permit must be signed by the next of kin and properly notarized prior to the time of removal.

The burial of more than 2 bodies in one grave will not be permitted except that a child under the age of one year may be buried in such grave.

If no provision has been made for interment space and it becomes necessary to place the remains temporarily in the receiving vault, it may remain there, subject to the sanitary code. A deposit in cash shall be made to the Cemetery prior to entombment. Bodies not in a decomposed or offensive condition may be placed in the vault at all times, but the length of time they will be permitted to remain will in all cases be determined by the Cemetery. The Cemetery reserves the right to interment, whenever it may appear necessary. A diligent attempt will be made to notify the nearest of kin twenty-four hours in advance, but this shall in no case prevent the Cemetery from going forward with interment.

The receiving vault was designed chiefly for the temporary safety of bodies placed therein, hence for obvious reasons it is deemed unwise for people to enter therein. The remains of any person who died of a contagious disease will not be permitted in the vault, except when placed in a hermetically sealed casket. In case of doubt on the part of the cemetery to the nature of the disease, satisfactory evidence from the attending physician will be required.


All Memorials (Monuments and Flush Markers) must be in accordance with Blue Hill Cemetery’s established specifications. Adequate description of an intended Memorial by an outside contractor must be submitted to the Blue Hill Cemetery for approval. If the specifications do not meet the Cemetery’s approved standards, the plan will not be approved.

No Memorial will be allowed if there are unpaid charges due.

Blue Hill Cemetery shall pour all foundations.

No Memorial work of any kind (inscribed, cleaned, repaired, altered or removed) will be allowed without prior approval and written consent of the Lot Owner.

The Cemetery reserves the right to reject and prevent the placement or construction of any Memorial which does not conform with its Rules and Regulations.

Blue Hill Cemetery will not be held liable for any injury to persons caused by memorial work performed on behalf of the Lot Owner. Further, the Cemetery shall not be responsible for defective workmanship of Memorials or embellishments when those defects are a result of the manufacturer or by the actions of an independent contractor.

A. Installation and Foundations

All markers or memorials shall be installed by the Cemetery, on foundations built by the Cemetery at the cost of the Owner, and the Cemetery shall assume responsibility for the proper construction of the foundation and the proper installation of such marker or memorial; but the Cemetery shall not be liable for any defective workmanship beyond replacement or repair of such defective materials as have been furnished by the Cemetery. All foundations shall be of the size and material specified by the Cemetery.

If the marker or memorial is purchased through the Cemetery the service and installation charge shall be included in the purchase contract. The installation charge shall be on the basis of such amount per square inch of the marker or memorial as shall be determined by the Directors.

If the marker or memorial is purchased from an outside agent and is approved by the Cemetery as before mentioned more particularly set forth, the charge for service and installation shall be determined on the basis of the square inch area of the marker and memorial as set forth in the formula in the foregoing regulation, and payable in advance of setting the said marker or memorial.

In the event a marker or memorial of uninstalled size or shape is approved by the Cemetery the Owner shall pay the fair and reasonable cost of the special form required to construct the foundation of such marker or memorial and the charge for service and installation shall be by special arrangement with the Cemetery payable in advance of the work to be done.

Concerning installation of Georgia and Carolina granite or any other southern granite, this type of granite is neither acceptable nor up to the standards required at the Cemetery. No marble of any kind is allowed in any way on any memorial in the Cemetery.

The charges for building foundations and installation of all markers and memorials shall be reasonable and uniform. No memorial may be installed until the charges due for installation have been paid in full.

Bronze Marker Specifications Length Width

FOR A ONE GRAVE LOT: Individual or Family Marker 28″ x 16″

FOR A TWO GRAVE LOT: Family Marker 44” x 13”

FOR A THREE GRAVE LOT: Family Marker 44″ x 14″

Where a marker is used with four or more individual name plates attached thereto, a separate permanent bronze vase unit, approved by the Cemetery, may be used.

All individual markers must be rectangular in shape. No projection will be allowed except for the purpose of matching an existing installed marker with a projection (known as a “gooseneck”).

The rules outlined above must be followed in each instance. Variation thereto may be allowed only in exceptional circumstances and provided a request is submitted to the Cemetery in writing. The Directors reserve the right to accept or reject any such request.

B. Monuments
Monument Specifications

The following specifications shall apply to all monuments set in the Cemetery:

2 Grave Lot 6’ 6” wide

Length of base, maximum 3 ft., minimum 3 ft. Width of base, not over 1 ft. Height, base & die, not over 3 ft., minimum 2 ft., 10 in.

3 Grave Lot 9’ 9” wide

Length of base, maximum 4 fit., minimum 3 ft. Width of base, not over 1 ft. Height, base & die, not over 3 ft., minimum 3 ft.

4 Grave Lot 12’ wide

Length of base, maximum 5 ft., 6 in., minimum 3 ft., 6 in. Width of base, not over 1 fit., 4 in. Height, base & die, not over 3 fit., 4 in., minimum 3 ft.

5 Grave Lot 15’ wide

Length of base, maximum 6 ft., minimum 5 ft. Width of base, not over 1 ft., 6 in. Height, base & die, not over 3 ft., 6 in., minimum 3 ft.

6 Grave Lot 18’ wide

Length of base, maximum 8 ft., minimum 5 ft., 6 in. Width of base, not over 1 ft., 6 in. Height, base & die, not over 3 ft., 6 in., not under 3 ft.

8 Grave Lot 15’ wide

Length of base, maximum 6 ft., minimum 5 ft. Width of base, not over 1 ft., 8 in. Height, base & die, not over 3 ft., 8 in., not under 3 ft.

Note: No Slant Markers allowed. In Section 16, the base of all monuments not over 1 ft. Dies must be at least 8 in. wide

Special designs, shafts, etc., and memorials for lots larger than 8 graves are not covered by the preceding schedule and must be submitted to the Cemetery for approval.


1 Grave Flush Marker Only Range A / Range B / Section 29


Private Family Mausoleum Estates are available within Blue Hill Cemetery. These private mausoleums allow your family to have its own unique burial site.

  1. Private Mausoleum Lots are available upon request and are priced accordingly. Before any private mausoleum and/or columbarium is erected, the proprietor must deposit a sum of money estimated by the Cemetery sufficient to yield an income for the proper care of such structure in perpetuity.
  2. Blue Hill Cemetery will erect all foundations, weather permitting.
  3. All private mausoleums require a designated amount to be funded in advance of construction in order to provide for its future long-term care. The amount to be determined according to the material and size of the structure.
  4. Keys to the Mausoleum must be provided to the Blue Hill Cemetery for maintenance and preparation of interments.


No person other than Blue Hill Cemetery shall open any crypt or niche.
No person may remove or place anything inside a crypt or niche without express permission of the cemetery.
No flowers, memorials or other items may be left on the ground in front of the garden crypts or niches. All such items will be removed and disposed of without notice.
All items placed in approved wall mounted vases will be removed from time to time at the discretion of the cemetery.
No markings may be made on any crypt or niche surface unless approved by the cemetery.
Only permanent Urns will be allowed in a Niche Unit and subject to the approval of Blue Hill Cemetery.

  1. Fresh or Silk Flowers are allowed in the vase on the front of the crypt. Blue Hill Cemetery reserves the right to remove unsightly and inappropriate items. To avoid damage items may not be affixed with glue or tape to the front of the crypts or niches.


  1. All Outside Contractors must receive prior authorization by Blue Hill Cemetery regardless of the type or scope of the intended work before entering the premises and must agree to conduct themselves in a respectful manner at all times. All work is to be done in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of Blue Hill Cemetery. Blue Hill Cemetery will not be held liable for any injuries or damages that may occur as a result of said work. Blue Hill Cemetery further reserves the right to suspend the work of any outside contractor who does not comply with the aforementioned.


Special Care shall include only those specific services set forth in Special Care agreements with the lot owners. It may include the maintenance, repair or preservation of any memorial structure, the planting and cultivating of flowers, trees, shrubs in and around the Cemetery, or any part thereof, and the filling and care of vases, special care of flower beds and the placing of floral decorations at Easter, Memorial Day, Christmas or at any other date requested, including the special care or ornamenting of any lot, section or building or any portion thereof, in said Cemetery, or any other purpose or use not inconsistent with the purpose for which such Cemetery was established or is being maintained.