The Cremation Process

Blue Hill Crematory operates as a Third Party Crematory, therefore, all cremation arrangements must be made by a Licensed and Registered Funeral Home of your choice. The Funeral Home will transfer your loved one privately to our Crematory in a wooden casket or a combustible container. Upon the arrival of the decedent our goal is to ensure that your loved one is treated with the highest level of dignity and respect at all times. There are eight separate identification checkpoints throughout the cremation process. Our facility offers a beautiful setting to hold a service for small gatherings of 40 or less in the RIDGE ROOM. If you choose, you can witness the actual cremation. Following the cremation, the crematory will remove all remains from the cremation chamber. The cremated remains are then transferred to a cremation processor, pulverized and then placed in a designated container. The final step in the cremation process is for the designated Funeral Home to retrieve your loved one’s cremated remains. We recommend viewing the Cremation Association of North America “questions consumers should ask”, an excellent source of information for consumers.