Blue Hill Cemetery is an ever expanding landscape and offers beautiful burial locations and a place where families and friends can visit their loved ones. Our Family Service Adviser will meet with you to clearly explain each of the following options available and will guide you through the selection process to help you make the right choice for you and your family. Pre-planning will allow you to take advantage of our pre-payment plan, where you can lock in today’s prices.







Traditional In Ground Burial


Most people still prefer a Traditional in ground burial. At Blue Hill Cemetery, in ground burial is available for either casket interment or cremated remains inside of an urn. By pre-planning you will ensure your loved ones remain together forever. All full sized casket burials must be placed in a sealed casket.

Private Lots for in ground burial are available in our Monument Sections and our Bronze Memorial Sections.

Monument Lots

  • Two Grave Lot Side by Side $5,200
  • Three Grave Lot Side by Side $7,800
  • Four Grave Lot Side by Side $10,400
  • Larger Lots available

Bronze Memorial Park Lots

  • Single Lot for One Burial $2,000
  • Single Lot for Two Burials $2,600
  • Two Grave Lot Side by Side $4,000

*The option to add a second burial in a grave called “Right of Second Interment” is available, depending on the location of the Lot, for an additional purchase price of $600 per space

Above Ground Burial


Our Garden of Ascension Above Ground Crypts offers an elegant alternative to in ground burial above with dignity and provides a beautiful tranquil setting for family and friends to visit their loved ones.

Our above ground option is available for either casket entombment or cremation inurnment.

Configurations includes a Crypt for One or 2 Side by Side Crypts and are priced according to levels. All entombments be placed in a sealed casket. Inquire at office for pricing. Personalized bronze crypt plates are included in the price of purchase.



Offering simplicity and affordability, cremation is becoming a popular option. All cremations must be placed in a urn. A Cremation inurnment can be placed in the Niche Section of the Garden of Ascension Our attractive polished granite Columbarium Niche Alcove situated in the center offers 12″ x 16″ individual niches for the placement of 2 Cremations. Personalized inscription for niche front is available.